Walk By Faith

Walk By Faith!

Does one have to have a huge amount of faith to believe?

This is a good question!

It is not the amount of faith one has to have to believe, but rather instead that one walks by faith and not fear.  
The point I am trying to make is that it is not necessarily how much faith you have, but rather that you walk in faith and not fear.
Any trace of fear will deter you from walking in faith! Fear creeps up on many people and hinders them from moving forward into all that God has already promised! Fear can stop you from receiving all that God has promised you, where as when you walk by faith you can inherit the promises of God.
Many great men and women of God have walked by faith and inherited the promises of God. Often time’s people get caught up with listening to other people’s opinions. And because of listening to other people they shrink back and don’t move forward. Others may mean well in talking you out of doing something, but they also may be walking in fear themselves. Just because they are not willing to move forward and walk by faith, does not mean that you should do the same. Maybe God is not asking them to do what he is asking you to do? God has a great plan and purpose for your life to give you a hope and a future and an expected end.