Keep Moving Forward


“There seems to be a strong relationship between our movement toward our dreams, and the resources we need becoming available to us”

I have heard it said” Dreams don’t move toward us, we have to move toward them.” 
We have to move toward our goals and achieve them.
When God has put something in your heart to do, then do it. Move forward into what he has called you to do.
So often times one shrinks back in fear instead of stepping out into the unknown.
Instead of trusting God and knowing he is with them. They shrink back and stay in their comfort zone.
God is with you. He is leading and guiding you. He has ordered your footsteps.
If we are willing to do what someone else has asked us to do, then how much more should we do what God has asked us to do?
One author writes” It’s time to quit waiting for perfection,inspiration, permission, reassurance, someone to change, the right person to come along,the kids to leave home, the new administration to take over, an absence of risk, someone to discover you, a clear set of instructions, more self-confidence, or pain to go away.”
One can come up with many excuses as to why not to step out and do something.
Whatever it is that God has called you to do, then step out in faith, boldness and confidence knowing that God is with you.
God is calling you to move forward into his purpose and plan.

There are many that need to be reached and hear the gospel.

You can make a difference by showing the love of Jesus to others.