Don’t Sweat Small Stuff

Don’t sweat the small stuff.


Often times we make alittle mole hill into a Mountain. We make
something out to be bigger than it is, and often in the form of a negative thought
God did not create us to be negative. Negativity breeds doubt, and
lifelessness. God gives us life and life more abundantly.

We need to become more and more like our Heavenly

There are children who want to be like their parents.
They try to act like their parents. They try to do what their parents do.

How much more should we be and do when it comes to our Heavenly daddy.

There are those times that we should be asking, are
we being like Jesus and doing what Jesus would do?

Like the saying goes, What would Jesus do? When we find that
we are walking in unbelief, we should ask, Are we doing what Jesus would do?
Did Jesus walk in unbelief? No he didn’t neither should we.
Jesus tells us to, Go and do likewise. Jesus had compassion and mercy on people.
Do we do the same.  

To go even further, there are those who want to be like a
certain famous person. People will go all out and cut their hair, dress a certain
way and spend money on this or that and do things they wouldn’t normally do to be like that person.
How much more should
we be like Jesus and our Heavenly Father.

Our lives should reflect Jesus. What I mean by this, is that people
should see Jesus in us. And they should see us doing as Jesus would do.

You may wonder how I can be more like Jesus. Let me ask you
some questions. What is your relationship like with Jesus?
How much do you know about Jesus and the word of God?
Do you know what touches the heart of Jesus?
Do you know the will of God?

God desires to have a relationship with you. He is so
compassionate and slow to anger.  His
mercy endures forever. His love toward you is limitless, unmeasured, unfailing.
Nothing will be able to separate his love for you. His desire is that you be
more and more like him.

The more you get to know him intimately and build relationship with him, and know his word, and walk in his word, then you become more like him.